Kess Energy mining and production Q1 2023

Resource drilling at the Kess Energy lithium project in Soledade, Brazil continues to deliver substantial results in comparison to previous exploration projects.

A drilling exploration project from Kess Energy in Brazil has confirmed the existence of approximately 1km2 of lithium, located 280 metres below the surface of the ground where the exploration took place.

Kess have so far drilled a total of 28,000m2 of area at the project. The scale and lithium grades are extremely encouraging for Kess and boost confidence with regards to delivering on its quarterly targets.

The remaining exploration will see around 45,000m2 drilled by the end of Q4 2023. Some of the drills in the exploration are now drilling 24 hours a day, to ensure the resource targets are delivered on time. 

In addition to the current drilling project Kess has finished mapping the local area after exploration work identified a huge lithium deposit. The mapping has also identified new drill targets with drilling expected to commence in July this year. Some of the recent tests have already returned exceptional finds, with over 60% of lithium recovered being of high quality and purity.

Kess Aims for 2023

The Kess Energy exploration projects have boosted the companies confidence in the production output of lithium. With an expected growth in extraction and production. Kess will also be looking to purchase or build new processing plants and warehouses in the local area.

Brazil lithium carbonate price
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