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Billions of dead lithium-ion batteries, including many from electric vehicles, are accumulating because there is no cost-effective process to revive them. Now Kess Energy researchers have developed an inexpensive, sustainable way to make new batteries from used ones and have ramped up development to scale up the innovation.

Kess Energy, Brazil use a process developed by researchers who combined expertise from diverse fields to solve a longstanding problem: how to turn spent cathode materials, or the expensive part of a lithium-ion battery, which contain elements such as cobalt, nickel, manganese, and lithium, into pristine new cathodes.

Global infinitives are in place to strengthen battery manufacturing supply chains, create jobs, and accelerate lithium-ion battery production to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Kess Energy are focusing on making the lithium-ion batteries fit for second use by recycling core materials.

The global market for lithium-ion batteries is expected to grow over the next decade because of the global shift from traditional gasoline engine cars to electric vehicles. As of the start of April 2022, over 2.5 million electric vehicles have been sold in the U.S alone. Governments all over the world are also incentivizing investments in electric vehicles and clean energy initiatives.

Brazil lithium carbonate price

The Lithium industry is in a current situation that provides excellent opportunities for battery manufacturing companies, which is the reason why these companies have been at the center of attention of private equity and venture capital firms for the past few years.

Companies involved in Lithium-ion battery recycling have also attracted the interest of investors. According to Kess Energy, its low-temperature plasma-assisted separation (LPAS) is an effective method of recycling Lithium-ion batteries with low CO2 emissions and water consumption

“The Lithium-ion battery industry is getting pace, with significant room for growth over the next decade. Existing companies are competing with each other to get their share of the market.” Said Julio Mendez from Kess Energy.

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