Kess Energy research into higher lithium extraction yield

Kess Energy latest research results highlight improvements in the production of lithium concentrate at its projects in Brazil. Recent metallurgical research on spodumene-bearing pegmatite samples showed excellent recovery rates of more than 70 per cent lithium oxide.

The research laboratories involved tests on a dozen samples representing the total current resource drilling programs in Brazil. The main objective of the research was to test performance across various depths along the lithium deposits.

What do the results show?

The results indicated a close correlation exists between the two sets of samples with high grades and stout returns generated from both groups. In addition to the solid recovery rates a high-grade lithium was also returned.

Researchers at Kess commented “We are very happy with the results of the research. The results are a solid confirmation that we can increase our production output by up to 5% with little to no overhead costs”

About Kess Energy

Kess Energy are a pure-play lithium company, owning 100% of South America’s largest, independent hard-rock lithium operation. Located in Brazil’s resource-rich regions, our projects produce a steady flow of resources. The significant scale and quality of our operation has attracted a consortium of high quality, global partners.

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