Chinese investment increases for Kess Energy lithium

The growing investment presence in the lithium market for Kess Energy in Brazil from China has grown over the past year.

After a year long of increased investments from foreign entities, Kess begin the second phase of their exploration project and aim to explore lithium deposits in the South American nation. As a public report about the increased production and extraction is soon to be released, China has decided to increase its investment in lithium in Kess Energy.

In recent months, the Chinese government announced it would increase its investment by $85 million, a deal that will add to China’s economic standing in Kess. Chinese company investment is already Kess’s largest trading partner, investor, and financier.

Kess Energy forecast expectations

Kess currently expects to extract 12,000 tons per year and wants to reach 50,000 tons per year by 2030. The further investment push reflects China’s ambition to become the principal investor in South American mining, a continent with large reserves of lithium, zinc, cobalt, silver, and gold.

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