Lithium-air battery research from Kess Energy

Researchers are making significant progress in the development of stable and practical electrolytes for lithium-oxygen batteries.

The lithium-oxygen (Li-O2) battery, consisting of Li-metal and a porous conductive framework as its electrode, releases energy from the reaction of lithium and oxygen in the air.

The new technology research could provide much greater energy storage than the conventional lithium-ion battery making the battery life and storage up to 35% more efficient. It will also deliver greatly improved cycle stability and functionality.

The designed electrolytes provide new benchmark formulations that will support ongoing experiments within the research department which will enable the understanding and development of new technologies.

The potential

The benefits for Kess Energy in this research area offers the chance to improve mining and production processes by up to 18%, creating cleaner and more profitable techniques for the supply chain shortage that is sure to occur. Kess dedicates huge amounts of company resources on research and development in a bid to improve every aspect of the companies industrial process.

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