Alternate Energy Sources

Lithium Pegmatite Exploration,
South America.
Investment Hightlights
Project Health
Advanced and progressing Lithium projects with strong news flow expected from IPO
Two strategic Lithium mining projects in key locations in South America and the Asia Pacific
Sustainably Aware
Strong Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance credentials across all projects
A qualified team
Highly experienced professionals, including experts in the field and with client relations.

About Us

Experts in mining, production , processing & enabling Lithium metal battery technology.
15+ Years
With 15 plus years of experience in Lithium Mining and Extraction we are at the forefront of this process. Our team is focused on improving efficiency and developing new methods in this area.
Perfect Location
Large scale Lithium exploration projects in highly prospective locations in South America and ongoing exploration research opportunities globally.
International Experts
Highly experienced employees with years of experience in mineral exploration, resource development and resource Geology.
Kess Energy are a pure-play lithium company, owning 100% of South America’s largest, independent hard-rock lithium operation. Located in Brazil’s resource-rich regions, our projects produce a steady flow of resources. The significant scale and quality of our operation has attracted a consortium of high quality, global partners.
We continue to deliver to the market, and are pursuing a growth and diversification strategy to become a sustainable, low-cost lithium producer and fully integrated lithium raw materials and chemicals supplier in the years to come. We are positioned to become larger in the rapidly growing lithium supply chain, underpinned by increasing demand for clean energy technologies such as electric vehicles and energy storage as the world pursues a sustainable energy future.
Kess Energy are a leading global producer of Lithium solutions. We actively pursue a sustainable approach to managing our diverse global footprint of world-class resources. In conjunction with our highly experienced and talented global teams, our deep-seated values, and our collaborative customer relationships, we create value-added and performance-based solutions that enable a safer and more sustainable future.
We power the potential of companies in many of the world's largest and most critical industries, from energy and communications to transportation and electronics. Working side-by-side with our customers, we develop value-added, customized solutions that make them more competitive.
Board of Directors
Inato Ramirez
An experienced corporate executive and public company director with over 20 years experience in operational, investment banking and advisory roles in the mining and mineral resource sector Internationally.
Michael Riller
Financial Director
A highly experienced Geologist with over 15 years experience in mineral exploration, resource development and resource Geology. He has previously managed global hard rock Lithium exploration and resource development.
Jack Donington
Operations Director
Mr Donington has previously been extensively involved in the lithium exploration and development sector. He has been engaged as a consulting geologist in a range of geological and commercial environments in South America.
Anton Samedre
Technical Director
A geologist with 15 years’ experience predominantly in base and precious metals. He has held both executive and senior management positions with several successful mining companies in various countries.
Senior Management
Dr Steven Davis
Senior Technical Consultant
With 20 years of experience in mining and chemical processing operations, and a masters’s degree in chemical engineering with Honours. Dr Davis was previously an Executive in large Australian mining operations where he played a key role in their expansion.
Daniel Ortincho
Chief Commercial Officer
David holds an MBA in finance and previously served as President and CEO of a publicly-listed leader in IOT (industrial monitoring solutions). He has over 15 years of business development and strategy leadership experience.
Isabel Manto
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer, Isabella has 17 years of experience in fields such as Operations, Supply Chain and Procurement and sourcing current technology. Isabella has earned an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration & Management.
Joseph Hera
Company Administrator
With over a decade of experience as an executive in controllership, accounting and administration in local and global companies, Mr. Hera has a wide range of experience in preparing, implementing and managing business models in various sectors.
Corporate Governance
Kess Energy is committed to implementing on sound corporate governance to ensure the corporation is directed and managed openly and fairly in accordance with high ethical and legal standards.
Good governance will ensure the Board of Directors and Management conduct its business affairs and carry out overall responsibilities by providing accountability, transparency and sound decision making and also key components to ensure that the interests of the Company and its stakeholders are properly aligned.
Kess Energy’s corporate governance framework outlines the Board and its Committees responsibility and is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance and best practices.
Environmental Policy
In the “lithium triangle” in South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil), lithium is extracted from brine which comes with environmental challenges such as the use of a significant amount of water, which in turn limits how much lithium can be extracted sustainably.
After resource concentration, the lithium-bearing material is sent to be processed by cathode active material (CAM) producers and ultimately into lithium ion batteries. The downside of this is that energy used is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and the supply chain from South America to China and then to Europe is among the longest on the planet.
Kess Energy, with the help of global energy innovators, has developed an innovative best-in-class sustainable technology to economically extract lithium. At Kess Energy, we believe our lithium project can have the best environmental performance of any lithium producer in the world, because:
Our project is based on a site that needs remediating; when completed the project site will be returned to a far better condition than it is today.
Recent development of electric- and hydrogen-based mobile plant will allow for off-peak charging and emission-free mining.
Specifically located mines and refinery to minimise haulage distances.
Beneficiation by our patent-pending physical process gives higher recovery than other methods without the use of any chemicals.
Our process uses a single calcine at significantly lower temperatures than required for spodumene-based processes, and research is being completed to do this using green energy.
Our leach will take place at neutral pH without the need for a second roast, or the creation of acidic waste products.
Our principal reagent will be recycled using our patented technology.
We will use sustainable, local solar and wind generated energy.
Kess Energy subscribes to a sustainability framework and is committed to sustainable development and risk management. The Sustainability Framework comprises of global policies and performance standards on environmental and social sustainability.


Enabling Lithium Metal Battery Technology. From the Ground to the Battery
Soledade Lithium Mines Brazil
Large scale Lithium exploration Projects in highly prospective locations
Historic Mines
Soledade permits cover historic artisanal mining sites previously mined for lithium, Coltan and tin
Over 20 historical small-scale mines have been identified in field exploration. Mining was only undertaken to less than 10 meters vertical depth due to restrictions of hard pegmatite material requiring blasting.
Large-scale opportunity, Significantly underexplored
8 permits covering 114km2 highly prospective ground
Detailed field mapping by a Brazilian subsidiary that has identified an approximate 20km outcropping mineralized Pegmatite corridor within the holding
Regional geological review of the Soledade Pegmatites was completed in 2012 by the government Geological Survey DNPN. Analytical results (XRD) confirmed Lepidolite, Amblygonite and Spodumene being the main Li-Minerals.
First pass soil geochemistry (400m x 400m grids) highlights residual soil anomalies within interpreted mineralization corridor
Outcrop grab samples confirm mineralized pegmatites with high grade lithium, tin, tantalum and niobium
Ideal project location
One of 2 historical lithium mining regions in Brazil
The second known lithium region in Brazil is in the state of Minas Gerais where TSX and Nasdaq listed Sigma Lithium Corp ( CAD$1.4 billion market cap.) is developing the Grota do Cirilo Lithium Project


Our project has outstanding scale, a long life and is a low-cost operation over the project life. It produces high quality products, is supported by strong and reliable customers and an outstanding team. Our growth and diversification strategy means we are well positioned for future growth.

Lithium Demand

The only way is up for lithium demand. Electric vehicle (EV) demand will continue to drive the lithium market forward: EV penetration will reach 15% in 2025, and we expect to see it rise to around 35% by 2030. Add to that mix growing demand from applications such as energy storage systems (ESS), 5G devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure.

The main takeaway here is that the EV market faces many decades of strong, compound growth. For any supply chain that relies on getting raw materials out of the ground, it is going to be a supreme challenge to keep up with year after year of high compound growth.

For example, 25% growth on 300,000 tonnes LCE, means an extra 75,000 LCE is needed the following year and the year after that an extra 93,750 tonnes, on top of the previous year’s 75,000 tonnes, is needed. And, in this example we are only talking 25% CAGR, but growth in the early years could be a lot faster.

Price History of Lithium

Two factors determine the price of lithium, and first we need to consider abundance. There’s only as limited supply of this element, because it only makes up 0.0007 percent of the Earth’s crust. Brazil produces a vast amount of the element for the world market. In the US you can only find a single mine in the whole country. It doesn’t occur naturally in elemental form, either.

What these things all mean is that the demand for lithium-ion batteries will rise even further. The price of lithium carbonate is up by 47% from 2015 and the year 2017 will see increased sales of pure electric cars. Add the fact that Li-ion batteries are also used for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other wearable devices, and the demand for the commodity will surely increase as well.

Why Kess Energy?

Supportive long-term lithium fundamentals

The energy storage revolution is generating high demand for lithium, with some analysts forecasting demand increases. Battery giants are scaling up lithium-ion production with mega factories and actively acquiring raw materials through long-term offtake agreements.

Expert team with the right incentives

Our research & development has been developed over more than a decade and is rich with the accumulated experience of our our team. Our international experts are highly experienced employees with years of knowledge in mineral exploration, resource development and resource Geology.

Shareholder Services

Learn more about the latest developments of Kess, our investment strategy and our regulated financial advisory team, working towards our IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Headline News

The latest company and industry news from Kess Energy
Exploration Projects Assessment
Innovative companies are paving the way for a "greener" lithium rush, prioritizing sustainability alongside exploration.
Kess review lithium market
Kess investor relations team review Brazil as an emerging major player in the global lithium production and processing market.
Kess sustainability growth
Kess Energy, the South American lithium mining industry, today unveiled its ambitious plans moving further into 2024.
Lithium Boom Concludes 2023
Brazil has become a powerhouse in the lithium industry and is pushing the South American nation into the global green tech race.
Kess lithium recycling review
The widespread adoption of lithium-ion batteries has brought about a surge in demand for lithium, a rare and valuable metal.
Expansion of Lithium Mining Operations
Kess Energy, a leading lithium mining company in Brazil, today announced the expansion of its lithium mining operations.
Growing Interest in Exploration
The global demand for lithium is growing rapidly, as the metal is used in the production of electric vehicles and other battery technologies.
Kess sustainability review
Multiple companies in Brazil are developing innovative ways to extract and process lithium in a more environmentally friendly way.
Chinese investment increases for Kess
The growing investment presence in the lithium market for Kess Energy in Brazil from China has grown over the past year.
How the lithium usecase is more than EV batterys
Lithium is often thought of as the metallic component that is used in electronic vehicle and device batteries but there is another side to this rare earth material.
Brazilian state wants more lithium investors
Brazil, one of the world's top iron ore-producing states, is hoping to attract investors to its lithium supplies.
Mining and production Q1 2023
Resource drilling at the project in Soledade, Brazil continues to deliver substantial results in comparison to previous exploration projects.
Lithium-air battery research
Researchers are making significant progress in the development of stable and practical electrolytes for lithium-oxygen batteries.
Kess Energy acquire exploration licences
Kess Energy is pleased to update shareholders on the acquisition of 16 exploration license application areas in North east Brazil.
Research into higher lithium extraction yield.
Kess Energy latest research results highlight improvements in the production of lithium concentrate at its projects in Brazil.
Brazil attracts investors for lithium.
Brazil has relaxed export rules in an attempt to attract investments into the Brazilian lithium sector from Europe and Asian countries.
Maintaining our sustainability.
New research from the Kess Energy research department comprehensively looks into the green energy transition in lithium mining.
Kess Energy appoints new R&D expert.
Kess Energy welcomes Christina Rodriguez as its new Head of research and development team that is focused on the improvement of the ecological challenges.
Kess Energy acquires new lithium contracts
Kess Energy is pleased to announce that it has acquired four lithium mineral rights totalling 1524.25 hectares owned by private individuals and corporations.
Supply agreement with raw materials firm.
Kess Energy has plans to launch Brazil's first lithium hydroxide plant has moved closer to signing a key supply deal with raw materials trader Ceara Minerals.
Research into recycable lithium-ion battery.
Kess Energy researchers have developed an inexpensive, sustainable way to make new batteries from used ones and have ramped up development to scale up the innovation.
Kess Energy plans lithium production plant.
Kess Energy is very pleased to announce that it has finalised plans to undertake detailed engineering for a lithium machinery plant to be located in as primary asset location.
Supply squeeze pushing lithium price higher
Lithium has hit the ground running in 2022 with a fresh price spike that hands electric-vehicle makers more warning of even sharper cost pressures due to supply squeeze.
Kess Energy sets sights on mineral bounty
There is huge potential for the Kess Energy flagship Soledade project, which is relatively untouched and spanning 125km2 of ground in the northern Brazilian state of Ceara .
Kess Energy aquire lithium licences, Brazil
Kess Energy is pleased to announce that it has entered into a binding asset purchase agreement dated June 13, 2022 aiming to acquire a 100% ownership of two further mines.
Global pact to secure lithium & Minerals
The United States, Canada and other countries have established a new partnership aimed at securing the supply of critical minerals, which are essential for clean energy and other technologies.
Lithium battery charges 60% in 5mins
A team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in China has successfully managed to increase the speed of charging a lithium-ion battery to a rate of 5.6 minutes for a 60% charge.
New technology helps the world go green.
Global automakers, mining companies and investors are pouring millions of dollars into DLE companies, betting they can supply the bulk of the lithium needed to power the electric vehicle revolution.
Rivian Autos talks move to lithium batteries.
Electric vehicle maker Rivian plans to use new types of battery cells in its electric trucks, delivery vans and SUVs the company said. These include cells made with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry.
Global lithium production record high
Global mined lithium production hit a record high in 2021 of 100,000 tonnes (excluding the US), a 21% increase over 2020 (82,500 tonnes), according to preliminary data released by the US Geological Survey (USGS).
Supply squeeze risks are pushing lithium
Lithium has burst into 2022 with a fresh price spike. Supplies of the mainstay battery material face a series of near-term risks that threaten deeper shortages just as demand accelerates with rising global EV adoption.
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