Kess Energy acquire exploration licences

Kess Energy have acquired 16 exploration licenses totalling 120 km2 in north eastern Brazil. The project areas are greenfield sites and have seen limited to no systematic exploration for Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum (LCT) bearing pegmatites.

Kess Energy is pleased to update shareholders on the acquisition of 16 exploration license application areas in North east Brazil. The license obtained is in the state Ceara. A team has been appointed to initiate exploration and field mapping to develop an initial geochemical sampling plan and target production. The Company continues to identify and evaluate exploration opportunities primarily in battery metals in South America.

These new lithium opportunities are well funded with approximately $1.3 million in cash to complete the first pass exploration effort. The project environments have not yet been exposed to systematic modern exploration techniques targeting LCT-bearing pegmatite systems which means any matter of elements might be found at the site. Historically the province has been reported to host several mineralized pegmatitic deposits and artefacts producing Be, Nb-Ta, Li, Sn, gems, quartz, feldspar and others.. Historical mining in the area and the presence of Niobium-Tantalum and feldspar indicate that there are LCT-bearing pegmatite systems in the area.

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Kess CEO commented:

"Brazil is fast becoming a Number 1 destination for lithium explorers and producers. Brazil is still in the early stages of lithium exploration and offers explorers a unique opportunity to find tangible assets. "

The reserved licensed areas are systematically selected to be close to our existing operations to enable the efficient operations required post-discovery. The company has entered into a stock award agreement that will pay US$200,000 and issue 1,500,000 fully paid common shares to holders of 22 licenses.

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